Suicide Methods: Plus Reasons for Living

Suicide is Forever

The Pain is Real

If you are thinking of suicide you are not a demon, you are not weak, you are not selfish and you are not crazy – you have reached a point in your life where the pain you feel is greater than your ability to cope. Your pain is real and you want relief. Please realize though that to feel relief you must be alive – folks who succeed at suicide do not feel relief, they are dead and feel nothing, ever, as suicide is forever.

You are NOT Alone

Now, if suicide is forever the pain you are feeling is not. You are not alone and there are people who want to help you. Some of these folks you already know, such as a trusted friend, a member of the clergy or your psychotherapist. Some you do not yet know such as the folks at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-237-8255 or the special 9 number manned by Covenant House for teens: 1-800-999-9999. Reach out to these caring folks. Just talking about the pain you feel can help alleviate some of the pain to where it has lessened to where you can cope with it. You can also check the front of your phonebook for a local crisis line or check the Internet.

Many times if you are thinking about suicide you are also suffering from depression. Depression is a real medical condition. Feelings of loneliness and inability to cope are symptoms of depression. The good news is that depression is treatable. There are a variety of ways to treat depression, so calling your healthcare provider should be added to the list of those who care and want to help you.

Put off acting on your thoughts for a day or two, or even a month. Talk to someone today – get the help you need to cope with whatever is hurting you. Pain can be dealt with but suicide is forever.

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12 Responses to “Suicide is Forever”

  1. alex says:

    Depression is not treatable, you can barely manage it. When your family turned their backs on you, because yau are a looser, youve lost your home, cant make any use out of your education, have no friends, but fear, guilt and sense of worthlessness instead all you can do is die

    • Johnny F. says:

      I know exactly how you feel. I would do it, but I stop when I play it through in my mind. I think of all the grief and all the mess I would leave behind for my family to clean up.
      Get some help for the depression from a doctor and remember that if you are not engaging in some form of physical exercise daily, your mental illness will be more severe. Know this: the more you exercise, the better you feel. It affects your brain chemistry in many positive ways.
      I am an open ocean swimmer. I think about killing myself from the time I wake up. It’s the 1st thing I think about. Morning prayer and meditation? Fuck that! Where’s my gun? Get me some God damn pills!
      But seriously, when I am swimming or riding up hills on my mtn. bike, I am taking deep breaths. This is when the suicidal thoughts go away.
      So, remember: Exercise only on days that you eat. Spend more time with others, and ask the God of your understanding for strength and guidance.
      If you are still alive, I hope this helps. You can do this thing. We deserve to have a life worth living.

      Sincerely, Johnny the exercise guy
      Cowell’s Beach, Santa Cruz

  2. dwhite says:

    Depression is an extremely hard condition to deal with. One thing that has helped me is to accomplish something. Volunteer at a shelter, or just in day to day actions offer help to a stranger. You would be surprised the good feelings that a small accomplishments every now and then make! I feel your pain, and hope that this small offering of advice can assist in helping bring you back to feeling productive and worthwhile again:)

  3. rich says:

    Depression is a cruel disease. It slowly destroys your life and takes from you all that is meaningful. I know this from experience. 12 yrs of fighting this disease and no… hasnt gotten easier. everyday is pain. All I hear is how much pain I would cause my family and friends if I were to end my life. So I guess I have to suffer forever so that they may be free of pain? This is life? This is fair? To suffer in this cage?

  4. Gary says:

    Enough about how to prevent a death. Is there not a good site on this computer that could assist some one to a quick painless end to this life?

  5. Valentine says:

    I’ve read some of the information on the suicide sites. I’m still looking for information on how to commit suicide quickly and painlessly. I always cry and wish I could go to sleep and never wake up. I’m a middle aged woman with an incurable disease that causes 24 hr. day to day pain. It never leaves me alone. The pain killers don’t even work anymore. They only turn you into an addict. That is the least of my problems. I have tried just about every depression medication known to man. Nothing, no help there. Some advice I got from someone is that there are always drugs. How can a person in my condition go around chasing drugs for one thing, then never knowing where the next fix is going to come from, and worrying about getting arrested on the way to the connection’s house? No sir, I’m in enough pain. All that’s asking for is a jail sentence. I guess if I’m worried about that, that I must still want to live. I hope so. I’ve tried committing suicide two times, and obviously I’m even a failure at that. I can’t do anything right. I only ended up in the hospital. I’m a person that’s good for nothing, I can’t get anything done and I’m in agony everyday. I haven’t killed myself because my family tells me that they would be devastated if I were to die. If they care so much then they would agree with me. I’m at my wits end. All I have to look forward to is endless pain and agony, and if I don’t fix my credit the house I’m inheriting will go to the government. Then I’ll be homeless to top it all off. How can I fix my credit with no money, doctor bills put me in the dog house. I wish I could just get some help, it would make all the difference in the world, like maybe a grant or something. Anybody have any ideas? I think if I could clear up some problems and see the light at the end of the tunnel I might be able to go on living. I have no hope. I live in a grey world, I don’t even see color anymore. I cry in sadness and dispair everyday. I drive people away with my pesimistic attitude, see I can’t even spell. I’m just a worthless individual that needs a lot of help mentally, emotionally, and physically. Pretty soon I’ll be in a wheel chair. I just don’t have anything positive happening in my life. My parents are going to die. My sister is going to smoke herself to death, my son has moved away, and I’ll be left alone, with no friends to even talk to. I have no one else. The only hope I have is that death will come, and I won’t feel anymore.

  6. I am depressed. Everyone I love does not love me, I am not going to live this lonely existence anymore.
    Your article Says that depression is my problem….
    after 20 years of depression, I have to end it all.

  7. julie says:

    I’ve suffered with depression for 25 years and the pain is unbearable,often think about suicide to stop the pain,but feel guilty towards my family

    • tpickard says:

      Sorry to hear you have had to deal with depression for such a long time, it must be very painful and also lonely at times. The fact that you are thinking about your family is good, it means that you do have people in your life you care about and I know they care about you too. Pick one person to tell, one confidant to help you. You never know, trusting in that one person might make the difference you so desperately need and deserve for that matter. Depression can be treated. Remember, you are worth it and so are your friends and family. Wishing you the best!

  8. Rob says:

    So what do you do when every single one of your family is to busy or sick of you being depressed. When you have absolutly no friends. When you have no money. When there isn’t the energy to go outside. When there is no where let to turn. I am in agony but I am scared of all the suicide methods. I don’t want relief, I just want the pain to stop. Its been years and I’m getting closer to doing it. I know when you try to get help they just stick you with drugs and make you go numb.

  9. jr says:

    I’m ready to try again. not sure where or how, do to nosey neighbors, Carbin monoxide faild. Thats what i want, need a good spot. Got a broken sternum and a poped rib from resesatation due to an overdose attempt, Don’t want to try thath again due to a new understanding of compartment syndrome.a shot to the head maybe, a little messy for me and i’m pro guns. ahh, hanging, i’m sure testing out my method on that will lead to either just being stuck till some finds me or maybe I’ll get what I want

  10. gray says:

    i read the words carefully and saw the words clearly…none of which helped…i have lost the ONLY person who can help me…i have lost the only person who can guide me…i am sorry but this site has not helped me deal with the loss of mmy mum

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