Suicide Methods: Plus Reasons for Living

Signs of Suicidal Behavior

antidepressants suicide Signs of Suicidal BehaviorWhen you are concerned about a loved one with depression or odd behavior, you need to recognize the potential signs of suicidal behavior. Suicide impacts the whole family and the friends of the person involved, not just the individual. By recognizing the signs, you can get appropriate help to manage the situation before it gets out of control or your loved one takes action on suicidal thoughts.

Depression and Mood Changes

A possible sign of suicidal behavior is the extreme depression that is often followed by changes to mood. In many cases, feelings of sadness, loneliness or despair are the trigger that leads to suicidal behavior and attempted suicide. When you notice that a loved one sinks further into depression or is experiencing sudden changes to his or her moods, it might be time to get help.

Sadness is a normal emotion, but depression that extends for long periods of time needs help to get under control. Severe depression and hopelessness is a sign that an individual might become suicidal, particularly if the sadness does not have any obvious reason.

Self-Destructive Behavior

If you notice that a loved one has started behaving recklessly or in a way that might lead to permanent harm, then it is time to seek help. Self-destructive behavior, such as cutting different areas of the body or taking unnecessary risks to personal health, is a sign of suicidal thoughts. This type of behavior requires help because it can lead to serious injuries or accidentally hurting others.


Although trauma does not always lead to suicidal thoughts, it can act as a trigger for the destructive behaviors. Trauma can take many forms, such as an attack or the death of a loved one. When your loved one has experienced a trauma and seems to become depressed from the experience, getting help to deal with the trauma is the best way to handle the situation.

Suicidal behavior is triggered by several possible situations, but it often has similar feelings of hopelessness attached to the thought processes. Although signs of the problem are not always easy to recognize, it is possible to prevent a suicide if you know what to look for in your loved one’s behavior.

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  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Signs of Suicidal Behavior
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Signs of Suicidal Behavior
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Signs of Suicidal Behavior

49 Responses to “Signs of Suicidal Behavior”

  1. javed says:

    what is the best way of suicide. which looks like a natural death or heart attack?

    • kilofifi says:

      Let it happen naturally, drive a motorcycle and let yourself free and feel free. Then may come a night where it happens naturally. Pray for a sickness. Have you heard The Antlers -Hospice full album..great GREAT stuff, You don’t want to live your life,get the crap out of the one your living and start over somewhere else making others lives worth living, which will make you feel worth living. Best of love pal, love ya

  2. howy says:

    i dont know how to ask for help, i have bee having suicidel thoughts and have been close a few times. how do or who do i ask for help. any info would be apprecited.

    • kilofifi says:

      hey, you can talk to me, I’d love to help… I am at… talk to people who care in your life, and who will actually do something and make you feel saved and better.

    • Trapped+in dispair says:

      I just said out right to my doctor that I was feeling depressed and suicidal, I cried and was very emotional which I couldn’t hide, I felt embarrassed and pathetic for crying infront of him but he didn’t judge me, he then prescribed me anti depressants and arranged therapy which I’ve been attending for a long time, I still struggle, and hide behind a mask most days to avoid showing my emotions which is difficult, I still want to “exit” however I’m managing to wait awhile I still have my exit plan and will probably always hold onto it but I do wish I didn’t feel the way I do lost ,lonely sad, dirty, unwanted un needed, life’s not worth living, emotional, angry, etc etc… I just want to be “normal” but hopefully therapy will help me feel that way good luck, but just be hon it’s with ur doctor so he can prescribe you the best treatment for your needs etc ASAP!!

      • Tessa says:

        Been there, done that. Struggled with depression since being diagnosed with class 4 lupus nephritis, then again when I miscarried twice despite my best efforts to save them at my own expense. Nothing’s going right in my life right now. I know my family loves me, and I’m lucky to have that. So why doesn’t it matter to me? Guess I’m just one selfish bitch. All the more reason I shouldn’t pollute this earth any more…

  3. John says:

    Im not into violence whether it be against others or myself. I don’t like the idea of it. I wish I could just go to sleep tonight and never wake up again..just die peacefully and painlessly in my sleep. This world is a huge pile of shit and the people running things such as politicians, the puppet masters of the politicians, lobbyists, banksters, wall street scum, crooked lawyers ect are all vile, evil, greedy pieces of filth. I just wish I could leave this world tonight and go to a better place. I’m homeless, and the very few employment ‘opportunities’ available to me aren’t going to get me out of it. I basically have no family anymore, no true friends, and I don’t want to be here anymore. Life is like torture to me, it’s the best way to describe it. And my job that barely pays for food and gas for the car I sleep in is depressing me to the point where I have lost all hope and cannot stand humanity. God, if you are real and if you really do love us all, take me tonight..I want to die but I am not violent enough to kill myself.

    • Debbie says:

      I just moved into an apt a few months ago after three yrs homelessness and lost the little job I had and may be losing this place. Cant get unemployment, car repossessed and feel the same way you feel.i have made suicidal attempts and went to er after taking pills and the drs said anyone with all I had going on would be stressed, but they didn’t think I was suicidal because I went to the hospital. I;ve been in hos[itals where one lady blew half her face off with a gun and several cutters. I hate my life and have been fighting this for 30 yrs. Afraid of hell being worse than this life.

      • Diane says:

        I hurt for you Hell would be worse and I wish I knew if Jesus would forgive it since you repent and then do it anyway but lots of people with mental illness suffer and can,t help their feelings that may be taken into account

    • DANA says:

      Im in..well a similar situation…Ive dealt with this since my boyfriends murder (wrong place, wrong time)…& I thought when the p.o.s who did it hung himself in prison a month ago…id feel better… but I just wish I had the guts to do the same….& all this “happy, it gets better” blah blah bullsh*t people say is just that…bullsh*t….very few know what the pain of truely wanting to die/not wake up feels like…. I hope things change for u…cliche as that sounds…but i wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy…U have a more difficult place in this world then I do & I cant imagine what thats like

    • LYNN says:


    • Diane says:

      I know how you feel. I haave given away power to my 2 children that abandoned me 50 years ago. It causes me unbearable pain I am disabled and worry constantly about losing my home I have one relative a brother who could die any day from an uncurable illness. I am angry at Jesus for allowing me to feel this way I feel my punishment is too harsh and too long Our intelligence is just a speck compared to his and there is absolutely nothing we can do to get us the relief from it. it is hard to serve him when you are confined to bed I have not been able to go to church and that has weakened me spiritually. I wish I would get cancer heart attack anything to leave this planet I pray for you and my heart hurts for you

    • Frances says:

      I feel that way too! I always pray that I will never wake up after a sleep one night! it sounds so peaceful

  4. Heather Detrick says:

    I have spent the past 30 years trying to find a reason to live. (I”m 33). Either I’m the unluckiest person alive, I was an evil, slave owning bureaucrat in a past life, or just really bad at living. My only addiction is cigarettes, and I still can’t get my shit together. Either no one will hire me, or they don’t want to pay me when they do. I’m homeless (have been off and on since i was 4) and have decided if I’m not capable of taking care of myself, I need to take the burden off my loved ones and die.

  5. Heather Detrick says:

    I can’t afford health let alone life insurance, and I don’t want to hurt my family financially or emotionally. Any advice on how to ensure they can’t identify my body? Something that doesn’t cost money, as my curse is that I can’t get any. I’d shoot myself, but can’t afford a gun. I live in a constant state of guilt and anxiety and with the lifespans in my family, without suicide, I’ll have another 47 pathetic years of this shit. I can’t do it.

  6. DKG says:

    I need major help
    I had professional help for years
    I get closer & closer
    I just want to b done
    Only my 3 blessings have kept me
    Really now my own mind tells they will b ok

  7. rich says:

    I am 40yr old father of 2 luvvly kids and have a loving and very understanding fiancé. I am not homeless, I do not have a disability and I am only hungry because I choose not to eat. I am dead inside though and have battled with my darkness since my teens. My kids have saved me from the traintrack because its brutal and final like the jump from the balcony and the noose on the tree- They know my sadness, they feel it too, laughter and smiles, to be cuddled but it spreads to them, its not fair on them . I AM A 4OYR OLD FATHER OF 2 LUVVLY KIDS AND A VERY LOVING AND UNDERSTANDING FIANCE…..

  8. Dewayne Stringer says:

    Would go into detail but no one can change the way the world is…just want to sleep and not wake up. Shame, loss of faith, anger, sadness,, missing loved ones, becoming numb…

  9. Dewayne Stringer says:

    Maybe we should all meet together so we don’t die alone at least

    • That One Girl says:

      That’s almost…beautiful in a twisted way I guess. If you’ve read down this far, please find a single thing that is worth living for. If you ever need someone to talk to who really cares, feel free to email me at (I play the drums, my email is based on that lol drumsticks…get it…hahaha…not funny? Sorry….)

  10. John Paul says:

    I’m 35 was a former paramedic for 7 years. I left the field to go to college, recieved my A.S finished my B.S. got in trouble with the law with driving offenses over the years, was at work and was sick for 2 months to the point i didnt want to get out of bed, slept for days, my cat laid by my side the whole time the love of my life knew something wasn’t right got me up, dressed, got me to the hospital. to make a long story short. My paramedic job helping others got me exposed to HIV and never knew it, to the point I was put in a medical coma for 45 days underwent 2 surgerys died, was brought back. Now live with AIDS constant pain, suffering, debt out my wazoo. Moved to MA with my fiance, been trouble free with the law for 7 years, till my medicine showed a false positive for drinking & driving. Now some law on the books in this state gives them the right to use my entire history against me? WTF now looking at possible 5-7 years in jail. I’ve lost everything, suffered enough, I’m so burnt out, depressed all the time, between the bills, medication cost to stay alive over 70K a year, the medicare, the bills, the non covered medical aspects, the student load debt over 34K. I’ve reached a point where I want to die. I want to find a painless way to go, but need to be sure if i decide to do it. To do it right, I have a .40 handgun I’m torn about putting it in my mouth making sure my affairs are in order, say my goodbyes; put the gun in my mouth hold steady, and squeeze….. Will my pain be over? Will my suffering end? Do I have any other option? all the questions with few answeres, but always ends up with one. A loaded hollow point round fired from my handgun…. Is it worth living anymore, I want to say yes, but am sure the answer is NO…… thoughts?? Comments?? please…….

    • funky fresh says:

      I got on the computer because today was a bad day. But oh well. Look at the bright side of things. I was drawn to your statement. You sound like a person who likes to help others. In doing so your health was impaired and your world has drastically changed. You sound educated and things to live for. I heard today about a lady who is in a wheelchair and I can only imagine her limited “life.” She is using the negative and turning it into a tool to teach others that life is worth living for and she praises god every day for the opportunities she does have. Celebrate what you can do and not what you cant or don’t have. Tell others what you have learned through this deabilitating disease. Start small and local. You may save one persons life and that would be worth living for. You sound like you have a lot to live for. God Bless.

    • Tessa says:

      Hey, did “die” few years back, but some medical intern defibrillated me and here I am. What I gather is that “hell” are the emotions you take with you to the “afterlife”. There is no supreme being who’ll punish you, your own emotional state at the time of your death is what determines if you go to “heaven” or “hell”. Then again, is there proof of an afterlife?

  11. jeff says:

    Hi john paul. Wow! You’ve been dealt some shitty hands. I feel for you. I’m never been a super giving person in my life. (Im going to be forty in a month.) I’ve been battleing my demons on and off since about 16. I would give you a hug if Imet you. Send me an email. I have very few friend and little interest inmaking new ones but

    • John Paul says:

      hey there Jeff, I’d thought I’d try and see if you can email me, maybe we can chat. Your right I’ve been delt shit for luck, I always said if it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck. If you get this lets chat

  12. Anonymous says:

    I’m 13. My life already sucks. Every waking moment I have I spend being haunted by thoughts of suicide. I already have a plan for everything. Is there even a point in living anymore?

    • Tessa says:

      I’d say “yes”, but then, that would be a lie given the shit of my life. Will be 40 soon and been abused, physically & sexually, since I was 2. I have a chronic disease, which has no cure. And all I keep thinking is: Why hasn’t it killed me yet? My stupid doctor tells me: “Bad seeds live forever”. Wonderful.

  13. despondent says:

    I dont see the point of continuing… I have been depressed for some time now, been on anti depressants, met an amazing guy who cheated on me, the only thing worth living for is my little dog, who wont last forever. unfortunately no kids and that makes me very sad. why did my life turn out so sad, I have a loving family who dont deserve my unhappiness.

    • Deanna says:

      Sounds like you and I are living a similar life right now. I’ve been really depressed for a few years now…to the point where I can barely get out of bed. The only thing keeping me going is my 3 dogs and 1 cat…I have no family able to help me, I’ve been with the same guy for over 20 years and just found out he’s been cheating on me for the last 6 weeks with his best friend’s wife. I don’t have kids either. Got addicted to pain medication after having 12 surgeries due to issues caused by my appendix rupturing when I was 15 (and almost dying a few times b/c of it). No longer addicted to pain medication but still called a junkie by my boyfriend and his new girlfriend. I’m not working, recently diagnosed with diabetes, no income, no friends and no family even close by (all are out of state). I just want to go to sleep and never wake up!!!!

  14. Gina says:

    It would be nice if we could all meet up perhaps we all would get on great and be able to empathize with each other , Its nice to see others reaching out , I think those of us who feel this bad using do because we feel so deeply . I hope you all were able to hang on another day. I have had bad thoughts lately but i keep hanging on in there i find things to keep me going just one step more . maybe the key is trying to find happiness in the moment not to worry about the future and let the past go . I wish i had the perfect things to say to just give peace and some sort of comfort and the hope to keep getting up . xo
    Just know your not alone , people do care

    • Tessa says:

      The frustration is that we know “people care”, however, it doesn’t reach us. The agony of what one thinks against what one feels is what’s tearing us up inside! Can any shrink prescribe a wonder drug for THAT?

  15. Wang says:

    Anyone in England? Would love to meet up. Can contact me.

  16. Tasty says:

    I’m 32 and want to kill myself.. the only thing that’s stopping me is the thought of my family. And that’s it. I don’t want to live anymore! Being alive is torture.

  17. Jayne says:

    Hi Wang,

    I live in the UK. Where do you live?

  18. kool says:

    Suffering with my wife for the past 23 years. Dont have the energy anymore. Life sucks.

  19. Tes Greene says:

    I’m 34 y/o and don’t want my life. I have two children that I had raised and lost because of not having any money. I have never met my bio. father and mother left me. She came back and left so many times that I’ve learned to stay away. Struggled with addiction and overcame it, still cannot get it together financially. I miscarried last year at 16 weeks and now I’m pregnant again. I don’t have money for this baby and the father doesn’t either. Even so, he wants me to keep it. I just want to die though. I’ve always had suicidal thoughts and I’m just not brave enough to do it. I don’t know what it is I’m afraid of, I don’t believe in hell or anything. It would greatly benefit everyone I know if I could just do it. I am a burden to my family and will never be anything but trouble for them. I wish I knew of a relatively quick and painless method suitable for my cowardice.

  20. cherie says:

    I’ve already tried twice and even failed AT this. ID like to DO IT again but I’m afraid I’ll fail AGAIN. I HAVE no family that cares and I’m in chronic pain as well as have mental health issues. I’m SO torn. I don’t want to live like this. I’VE been used and abused since I WAS a teenager. My brother started IT and it’s been wrong choices since then. My ex husband said he only married me out of pity and my health problems HAVE made my children resent me because I wasn’t the perfect MOM when I left their father. But he does no wrong IN their eyes. He went from seeing them every 2 weeks to twice a year because he chose his work, as usual, before his family. I wasn’t allowed to work while we were married so I only receive SAID benefits because I don’t HAVE the work credits. SO I GET less than 1/2 the assistance i normally should and I’m trying to find a place to live after my recent back fusion. And now I HAVE neck surgery coming up. I’m AT MY WITS END. AND I’M STILL SUPPORTING A 23 YEAR OLD!!!! I JUST WANT IT TO END. I’M LOSING MY FATHER TO CANCER AND I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO HANDLE HIS PASSING. I beg FOR God to JUST take me and give my father my years. I’m nothing.

  21. Blissliss says:

    I ended up on this site after googling “best pills to use when commiting suicide”. Benzos are so hard to come by, but m searching because i want something that will work! I have failed at everything else in my life, but i will NOT fail at killing myself. If im gonna do it, im gonna do it right. I just want to fall asleep and never wake up.
    Amazing what youll find on the internet…….

  22. Broken says:

    I am at my wits end and really don’t want to wake up and have to face another day. So much is going wrong and no matter how hard I try, things keep getting worse. For so many years I have done my best to live through what came my way but everything has gotten to heavy and this load I am carrying is killing me. Alcoholic mother, at 42 I still don’t know who my biological father is because my mother likes to play head games. I cut her out of my life and she still tries to hurt me. Was raped at 18 and ended up pregnant. That baby changed my life and now she is almost 23 years old and the only good thing I have ever done in my life. I have had so many horrible and failed relationships including 2 marriages and now I am married again and wondering what in the world I was thinking. He’s a nice guy but has become extremely unreliable, late for everything that has to do with anything except when he is running out to his dealer to get something. I dont feel like even being in the same room with him anymore. He used fo own a business but sold it and we went driving across Canada and had a big accident 3 days in. He says he wasn’t going too fast but in my heart I have never been sure if that was true. I have been afraid of being in cads ever since and that was made worse 2 months later when we destroyed another vehicle because he refused to slow down. He just won’t listen and everyone in his family sugar coats everything he does because he was and is the only “child” in the family. His mother treats him like he is a young child so that’s what I have at home. He continues to be reckless even when I’m in the car and so now I am in counselling. Its not helping at all. I ha e also been recently diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia and some days I am unable to walk. Doc says to go to counselling, get massages and gives prescriptions and notes to be off of work but without work I can’t afford her recommendations. Unemployment won’t make a decision on my sickness claim, the bills just keep piling up and my husband decided to quit his job to go back to school which is stupid because most days he won’t even get out of bed. I am tired, frustrated, angry and in more debt than I can handle with not a penny to my name and nowhere to go for help. I give up…I can’t take what’s happening. I just want to fall asleep and not wake up. I have begged and pleaded for death each night and I wake up to a bigger mess than I fell asleep with. I just can’t take anymore.

  23. Barbara says:

    I’m 21 years old and i believe I’ll be buried this saturday. The only reason I’ve waited for so long is because I know my mother would suffer but I’ve realized that I’m the one who’ll suffer more staying alive.

    • Trace says:

      Hi Barbara,

      I’m sending you this message hoping you are still with us. I’m on this page today because I felt suicidal and I’ve read soooo many of the letters……. each one has a lil of me in it. I’ve been suicidal on and off for 20 years……isn’t it tiring and time consuming? I’ve just started seeing a psychologist and had my medication changed which has made a huge difference in my life. All that it took today was one dumb ass comment from my husband and that was it!!!! I go off like a time bomb, but If Im really honest I have 2 wonderful daughters, 2 wonderful sons, grandchildren that are the apple of my eye, a husband that I do love when he’s not being a contentious lil prick. But all my problems and trauma come from not feeling loved as a little girl and abuse mum gave me and my first husband who beat the shit out of me, not just physically but emotionally, spiritually, sexually. My whole being was just a feeling of worthlessness.I am determined this is NOT going to get the better of me, who are these bastards that think they can treat us like shit? I’m just wann’t to send you love and huggles today. I want all of you that read my post today that you have helped me NOT follow through with what I wanted to do. WE ARE ALL WORTHWHILE. LOVE TO YOU ALL xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

      • Jai Lee says:

        Thanks for those words. I started to just stop reading but continued on. Good thing too, because at the very end there you were with God saying through you “KEEP GOING, THE LIGHT IS JUST UP AHEAD!” You are right who are these bastards that think they can treat us like shit! WE ARE “ALL” WORTHWHILE!!!

  24. I just want a painless and a instant death…

  25. Tania says:

    The feeling of wanting to die normally occurs around my menstruation cycle. Days aside from my cycle I’m normal and jovial. Although deep inside still lingers hopelessness

  26. Tania says:

    The feeling of wanting to die normally occurs around my menstruation cycle. Days aside from my cycle I’m normal and jovial. Although deep inside still lingers hopelessness. I wish I could feel confident about myself. I wish I could find the will power to ward of these negative emotions that consume me. The days I feel normal I’m really not giving my all and hanging on a thin thread of rope, barely making it.

  27. Richard says:

    Nothing I do is right, no matter how good my intentions are. I have been diagnosed with severe depression, twice have been put into mental hospitals, been on antidepressants (which do help to a point). I am affraid of so many things, mostly trying something new, then failing as usual, then of course being laughed at for failing. I am 44 years old, can’t drive a stick shift car, can’t ride a motorcycle (want to soo bad), can’t save money, I live with my father, no wife, no kids, selfish as fuck, don’t know how to have fun, I bring everyone around me down, jusy feel completely hopeless… No light at the end of the tunnel, feel like a waste of space, I’m a waste of time for anyone to get to know, I seem to hurt the people I LOVE most, when actually trying to make them happy, have never cheated on my girlfriend (gods honest truth), but to her there are signs I have someone else, fuck!!! I’m so fucking tired of everything going the opposite way of the intended outcome. I lay here with tears rolling down my face just wanting out!!!! Out of my life, I didn’t ask to be born, why can’t I disappear like I was never even here?? Please just die already!!!
    money when I know I should,

  28. Hopeless1 says:

    Wow i’ve read all deez posts, n most of em sound 2 familiar. 4 a while now i been havin suicidal thoughts, its a really scary feelin, n it hurts so much. . I dnt want 2 hurt da ppl dat luv me, or leav my dogs behind,or especially caus my lil brothr da pain of me leavin him. I kno he wud nevr understand, but den again nobody will. I hide all deez dark feelings really well, but n reality im dying nside. Its a struggle bein n dis evil world evryday. My whole life is shit, im worthless, useless n really cant find a good reason 2 live. I feel like ive faild at life. I dnt hav any kids, which is my biggest ache deep nside. Im 38 n i dnt hav a life, i feel like im jus takin up space. I cry almos evry day cuz i hurt so much. I dnt kno how much longr i can take dis, if der was a easy way out i wud hav been gone long time ago, i kno im close tho , i jus wana sleep n nevr wake up.. Im already dead on da nside, empty. Sum1 jus take me out dis misery

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