Suicide Methods: Plus Reasons for Living

Suicidal Thoughts

Give Suicidal Thoughts a Second…and Third Look….or As Many as it Takes

suicidal thoughts Suicidal Thoughts Confusion, sorrow, loneliness, and even depression are normal aspects of our existence, and it’s not unusual for these emotions to get the best of us and seemingly outweigh previous feelings of happiness.

However you may feel right now, chances are, there have been times when you didn’t feel this way. This suggests that something has changed in your life to get you in this particular current state, but it additionally means that changes are possible to help get you away from your present situation.

Taking your own life may seem like the only solution, but in reality, there are many other solutions available with the right guidance and support.

There is Hope from Suicidal Thoughts and Only You Possess the Power to Discover It

One thing to consider before taking drastic actions that cannot be taken back is this – just because you don’t see an immediate solution it doesn’t necessarily mean that one doesn’t exist – only that you are not seeing it right now.

Keep in mind that most crises that lead people to contemplate suicidal thoughts are only temporary. Substantial studies show evidence indicating that most issues that foster thoughts of suicide are resolvable or treatable.

Your situation, regardless of how hopeless it seems, can be resolved. All you need is the right help. Seek professional counseling, or turn to a trusted friend or loved one if feasible. Take advantage of the anonymous and confidential resources available nationwide through suicide prevention hotlines and local outreach programs.

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6 Responses to “Suicidal Thoughts”

  1. Lesley says:

    Nothing can ease the pain of a lost husband to another woman. I am shattered and just want to finish my life.

    • linda says:

      you may feel like that now but you were not born with your husband life has a lot to offer..lost my husband to cancer one year ago today..i know I have to learn to be alone without being lonely..your heart is broken.. it will heal..try loving yourself

  2. Mindy says:

    I understand completely how you are feeling. I too lost my husband at the age of 32. Widowed at a young age with 3 children was not in my plans. Trust me that it does get easier and the pain you are feeling will ease. Nothing can make you feel better except time. I wish there was a less painful way to get through loosing the one you love most. So sorry for your lose. Time will ease your pain and your memories of him can never be taken away.

  3. mp says:

    My fiance broke up with me. I lost my job. My parents hate me. My life and all ive dreamed of is lost. I want ti die.

  4. trevor says:

    I’m 34, going back to as early in life as I can remember when people weren’t ignoring me, they were mistreating me. Childhood was like learning to understand that something was out of sorts with me that made other people take a natural disliking to me. Last year I made $80k, I have a nice apartment, drive a great car, physically I’m athletic, toned. I don’t look in the mirror and see a monster, I see someone who I think is reasonably attractive enough, I’m no Adonis but I don’t have an deformities. But the only people who spend time caring about me are people who feel obligated to do so and only to the extent of that obligation, even family, those that I care the most about, they don’t always answer the phone when I call. I put myself out there, I try, I get weary from trying, how long are you supposed to try and still no one cares that I exist. I’m just in the way. 34, and I’ve had to deal with suicidal thoughts since I was 10. The worst trick in life is the harder I try to improve myself, the better I become, the starker the contrast, the less sense it makes that no one has any interest in me.

  5. NDS says:

    It’s now 3:15am and I’ve been awake since 2:00. I dreamt that he wanted divorce and wanted me out of the house. It’s usually small things we fight about and it really hurts because it happens every second week. We don’t talk,.,.,it’s not fun to come home anymore,.,.im having suicidal thoughts,., but then it’s so difficult because I’m thinking of my 2 beautiful kids,.,.

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